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Searching the Voters roll for Scotland is incredibly easy and fast using online search systems such as that provided by 192.

The Scottish voters roll  contains the names and addresses of every adult living in Scotland today. The edited version of the roll can be searched by anybody for any purpose, for example to find a persons address or to confirm somebody lives at the house where they say they do.

192’s system accesses the voters roll along with other specialist databases allowing quick and easy address searches for the whole of Scotland.


You can use some very powerful search filters when searching the voters roll for Scotland, this can help you find the person you are searching for faster, especially if they have a common name. You can filter search results by occupation / job like Accountant or Doctor, by age for example only show results for people that are 29, or by the names of spouses or partners of co habitants like only show results for a Callum McDonald that lives with a Shona Frazer.

Search The Scottish Voters Roll

Searching the voters roll for Scotland takes only a few seconds, searches are instant including free and paid for results. In order to search the voters roll for Scotland you only need a surname, if you know a middle initial or have an idea where they may be staying ie a radius of 12 miles from Glasgow this will help to reduce the number of results and help you to find the person you are searching for faster.

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